Cyberbit Genesis

Your Partner for a Next Generation Software Infrastructure.

Founded by Flavio Rausa, Software Developer and Award-winning Consultant.

Awarded as Microsoft Dev Ambassador and Microsoft Partner.

Flavio develops the next generation of Software, IT infrastructure and Platforms for Companies and Freelancers.

Who is Flavio Rausa, the Founder.

And creator of....

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Cyberbit Partner Program

The only Program that helps companies double their cash flow,
while minimizing costs by 25% thanks to a 'next-generation digital infrastructure .

Full Ownership of the Source Code

You will be fully owner and proprietor of any code we go to develop for you. We will always release the source code to you and train you to use the project yourself!

Long-Term Collaboration

We don't really like one-shot collaborations: we want to establish a real relationship with each of our clients through long-term partnerships: we will implement and market your project from 0 to 100!

Satisfaction Guarantee

In Our Consultancy and Development Paths we offer Contractual Guarantees that are simply extraordinary: we are so sure of what we develop and implement that we give the possibility to pay us only if you are really satisfied!

Seriousness, Passion and Professionalism

We have dozens of certifications, testimonials and awards even from companies like Microsoft (of which we are Partners). This is because developing software is our passion, and our professionalism is evident in the results.

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